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Crayola crayons in a pile The mall consists of four floors: Levels 1 and 2 are primarily shopping, but the open atrium at the center of Level 1 is where the Nickelodeon Universe theme park is located; Level 3 is a mix of shops, two food courts, and the majority of MOAs restaurants; Level 4, the smallest floor, has a handful of restaurants as well as a movie theatre. Dont bother studying the map; youll know whats east and south but when youre actually walking around, its tough to determine which way is which. Instead, try to embrace it. Youll turn right four times yet somehow not end up where you started, and thats part of the fun. A few tips: Its often quicker to go down to the first floor and cut across the Nickelodeon Universe than it is to walk back through the malls corridors. Use the ferris wheel as your North Star. There are very few directional signs, and its the only thing you can see from all corners of the mall to help point you in the right direction. To help find what youre looking for, download the Mall of America app (which we found pretty helpful), utilize MOAs text concierge (1-952-479-4839), and of course, keep our guide handy. View gallery .

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3) Toilet Hosting families and friends means that your bathroom works overtime. Surprisingly, vinegar is perfect for cleaning the hard-water deposits in your toilet bowl. Pour a cup of white vinegar and a few fizzy denture tablets into the toilet bowl and let it sit overnight. The following morning, scrubbing will require less time and less elbow grease. 4) Windows Kitchen windows are an unexpected place for grease and grime buildup, but heavy cooking and baking can do a number on your kitchen windows. Rather than reach for a cleaning product, make your own. Mix one cup of rubbing alcohol with one cup of water and add a tablespoon of white wine vinegar. You'll be looking outside at the snow through a grease- and fingerprint-free window! 5) Refrigerator Refrigerators house a variety of meals throughout the holidays, so now is the perfect opportunity to refresh them.

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